120 Non Sparking Ratchet Wrench

The 120 non sparking ratchet wrench is machined strictly according to the DIN 3122 standard. The purpose of this wrench is to resist the spark produced from the intense friction between the tool and workpiece that might lead to explosion hazard. To achieve this purpose, the wrench is subjected to drop forming process. Its uniquely designed ratchet head allows rotation to be performed in either forward or reverse direction. It drives the socket that sits on the hex or square head of bolt or nut to tighten or loosen the connection.

Number C L H Be - Cu Al-Cu
inch mm mm Weight (g) Weight (g)
120-1002 3/8 200 30 290 260
120-1004 1/2 245 43 690 615
120-1006 3/4 320 57 1570 1430
120-1008 1 550 67 3400 3070

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