124A Non Sparking Labor Saving Wrench

The 124A non sparking labor saving wrench is machined to high precision through forging process. It is essentially a torque multiplier that employs a planet gear train which multiplies the torque applied. The product is commonly seen on the automobile tire assembly and disassembly line, where it is used to tighten or loosen hex or square head of lug bolts installed on the wheel.

Also coming with the wrench are sockets, drive extensions, and gear assembly. In addition to the above application, the wrench is also well suitable for assembling or disassembling parts on heavy-duty equipment. The unique planet gear set gives ease of operation.

Model Size Be-Cu Weight (g) Al-Cu Weight (g)
124A-1002 ZB-16 2000 1800
124A-1004 ZB-58 6850 6200
124A-1006 ZB-68 8050 7300
124A-1008 ZB-78 8300 7500

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