127 Non Sparking Monkey Wrench

One primary purpose of the 127 non sparking monkey wrench is to allow its jaw width to be adjusted within certain size ranges. It has undergone the drop forming process to obtain high tensile strength, stable mechanical performance, and long service life. The parts that actually bear stress are unlikely to deform, bend, or crack. Special materials are selected to make the wrench suitable for use in potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere. Such materials include the aluminum bronze and beryllium copper.

The product meets the requirements of Q/ZBF-127 standard. Most customers see it as a better alternative to the adjustable spanner for performing heavy-duty task.

Model L Kmax Be-Cu Al-Cu
mm mm g g
127-1002 240 45 510 470
127-1004 254 48 615 560
127-1006 305 58 910 820
127-1008 350 65 1220 1120
127-1010 380 70 1465 1340

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