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128B Swedish Type Non Sparking 90 Degree Pipe Wrench

The 128B Swedish type non sparking 90 degree pipe wrench features a long handle and is commonly used to assemble, disassemble, and fasten pipes, pipe fittings, and nuts. It is a die forged workpiece provided with many desirable features such as high tensile strength, long service life, and stable mechanical properties. Deformation, crack, or warp seldom occurs on the load bearing parts of the wrench. Spark-resistant feature allows the wrench to be used in various flammable or explosive atmospheres. Customers should feel confident to purchase our product-it is designed and produced in strict accordance with the DIN5234 standard.

Model L
128B-1002 430 38 1480 1330

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Mining Stillsons Manufacturer | Pipe Handling Solution | Chemical Tool

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