308A Non Sparking Manual Chain Hoist

The 308A non sparking manual chain hoist basically works the same way as the 308 version. However, this upgraded tool adopts a special design that can better cope with heavyweight loads while saving more labor. Due to its non sparking feature, the hoist is commonly used in areas where combustible or explosive hazard might be experienced, with unique functions to lift or lower goods as well as assist in parts repair and installation. Drop forged construction gives the hoist high strength, stable mechanical performance, and long service life.

This series of manual chain hoist has been assembled, commissioned, and tested in strict accordance with related State standards of GB/10686-89.

1. Q/ZBF-308A standard compliant
2. National patent: ZL201120572396.9
3. Size: FBHSA

Model Capacity
308A - 1002 0.5 2.5 11.4
308A - 1004 1 2.5 18.4
308A - 1006 2 2.5 27.9
308A -1008 3 3 28.3
308A -1010 5 3 54

As well as providing the above product models, we also can tailor-make the products based on customer-specific requirements or the technical drawings customers provide. With the aid of advanced technology, we can rid the drop-forged construction of common defects including pores, sand holes or cavity shrinkage.

Related Names
Industrial Lifting Tool Saler | Construction Material Moving | Hoisting Equipment

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