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Brass Hammer and Copper Hammer

Perhaps the most common use of brass hammer and copper hammer is to strike or peen mold and workpiece without inflicting any deformation on them. Usually one of the two materials is selected to make the hammer, either brass or pure copper.

Brass hammer is cheaper than pure copper type. It is favored by Middle Eastern customers. The nature of brass is malleable, wear resistant, and anti-magnetic. Hammers made of brass often have a bright yellow appearance and are usually put through the precision forging process.

Pure copper hammer generally costs more than brass type. However, it has become a preferred choice for customers from South America, North America, and United States. Pure copper is a ductile metal that conducts heat and electricity very well. Soft and malleable, this metal has a reddish colored surface. It is able to stay un-magnetized even in a strong magnetic field, with high resistance to wear, acid and alkali corrosion.

Typical applications of our brass hammer and copper hammer are in the petroleum, chemical, metal ore mining, coal mining, oil extraction, gas extraction, gas and oil transportation, electricity generation, metallurgical, aerospace, storage and transportation, pharmacy, plastics, fiber, leather, and firework industries.

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