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Main products
    1. 101I 1/2” dr Non Sparking Socket Set-28pcsThe socket is usually attached to the ratchet via a square fitting that contains ball detent. The ratchet assembly then is connected to the metal handle to form a complete socket wrench. The socket is commonly sold in one of the two types: either six-point or four-point socket that fits on the hexagonal or square head of a bolt or nut to tighten or loosen it.
    1. 104 Non Sparking SocketThe 104 non sparking socket is machined to its precise specifications via a process known as drop forming. The socket is well suited for use in areas where the space is limited or the socket needs to reach into the deep concave to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts
    1. 125 Non Sparking Adjustable WrenchThe spanner is made of drop forged copper alloy so that it can be used in various flammable or explosive atmospheres. The product is long lasting with high tension strength and stable mechanical performance. Its parts that essentially bear the stress are not likely to bend, crack or deform
    1. 191 Non Sparking Sledge HammerIts hammerhead is precision machined via the forging process. Its handle is made of fiber-reinforced plastic. This gives customers a reason as to why our handle is so durable and sturdy. With high tensile strength and stable mechanical property, this tool is able to withstand a long time of use.
    1. 203A Non Sparking Putty Knife with Plastic HandleThe 203A non sparking putty knife comes with a plastic handle and a cold rolled knife. This tool is suitable for use in various combustible or explosive atmosphere, where it is employed to scrape surface, rid smooth surface from rust, and spread putty
    1. 246 Non Sparking Lineman's PliersThe 246 non sparking lineman’s pliers are used to grip or bend metal sheet as well as cut off leads and other metal wires. It is made of non sparking beryllium copper or aluminum bronze via drop forging process
    1. 260 Non Sparking Slotted ScrewdriverThat means the tool does not produce any sparks from the metal-to-metal contact caused by impact, strike, friction, or collision which might lead to unwanted damage. Special materials such as aluminum bronze or beryllium copper are selected in order to achieve the said spark-resistant characteristics
    1. 308B Non Sparking Ratchet Lever HoistBoth types rely on a differential pulley to amply force that will be applied to the objects. What distinguishes our ratchet lever hoist from the manual pull type is that the former enables the load to be lifted by cranking the handle, instead of pulling the chain, as with the latter. A ratchet type hoist is most often used to move heavy loads horizontally rather than in vertical directions
    1. Z-85 Non Sparking Tool Set-85pcsThis tool set is commonly employed to repair small- and medium-sized equipment on the construction site as well as the production equipment in a simply equipped workshop. Repair men can take our tool box wherever they go, in order to ensure timely repair and reduce machine time thereby improving productivity
    1. 2103A Brass Drum HammerIn petroleum, chemistry, military, electronics, gas production, and railway industries, our hammer is usually utilized to strike or pound machine parts without inflicting sparks that might lead to fire or explosion hazard. Compared to pure copper hammer
    1. 3310 Chrome Steel Box End Striking WrenchDrop forged from special chrome steel, our 3301 box end striking wrench is tough and uneasy to fracture. It is most often used to remove or tighten large sized bolts or nuts with a hexagonal head
    1. 5110 Non Magnetic Box Construction Wrench with PinIts box end is offset from the longitudinal axis of the handle. This offset or high-necked design allows the handle to clear the surrounding fasteners next to the one that is being gripped without interfering with them
Non-Sparking Tools Manufacturer

Non-Sparking Tools Manufacturer

A professional is an individual with a very specific set of skills. These skills are often complimented by explicit trade-tools. As one professional to another, Hebei BOTOU Safety Tools fully guarantees the integrity ...


Proper inspection of non-sparking tools is important for user operation safety. For that reason, we built the non-sparking performance test lab that is above the national level ...


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