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Company News

Since our X-Spark tool entering the EU market, it is quickly becoming a much favored product among customers. To protect our trademark rights from being infringed, our company formally registered the X-spark in EU countries early this year.

On June 7th 2012, Botou Company installed the heavy-duty friction press with a loading capacity of 2500 tons. With the aid of this highly advanced machine, our company is ready to take a giant leap forward in productivity.

On December 19th 2012, a review team of customers from UAE international trade department paid an on-site visit to our company. Guided by our production supervisors, customers reviewed our production workshop.

On October 23th 2012, the 112th China Import and Export Fair was held in Canton. Our non-sparking tools became the highlight of exhibition. In front of our trade-show booth, there was a continuous stream of people moving in and coming out every day.

Between June 28th and 29th 2012, the 21st review conference of National Hand Tools Standardization Technical Committee was held in Zhejiang province.

On July 25th 2011, the review conference of 2006 National Standards for Non-Sparking Tools was held in Qingdao by the State Hand Tools Institute. At the meeting, the revised version of 2006 National Standards for Non-Sparking Tools passed the review.

It is good to know that 8 out of 10 non-sparking tools sold on the domestic market are made by Botou Company. Every year, we export 60% of our products to a total of 40 countries and regions, including US, German, and Japan.

In May 2012, Botou non-sparking tools were collected into China Industry Museum due to their premium quality and outstanding performance. This gives us an assurance that our products are trustworthy.