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Workshop Facilities

Within the workshop, there are 480 pieces of first-rate production equipment set with a serviceability rate achieving 98%. New, highly-advanced equipment is still coming. On June 7th 2012, we installed the heavy-duty friction press with a load capacity of 2500T. Workers mainly use this machine to perform drop-forging process, with an aim to improve the processing quality of our product. As one of the largest non-sparking tool manufacturers in the world, Botou company has what it takes to produce best-in-class products.

  • Automatic Production Line
  • CNC Workshop
  • Die Forging Workshop
  • Foundry Workshop
  • Machining Workshop
  • Sandblasting Workshop

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Co., Ltd.

Export Department 1
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Export Department 2
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Export Department 3
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Office in Tianjin
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Sales Department
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