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Technical Support

This product meets the GBEx IIB standard, with a surface hardness reaching HRC20-30 and tensile strength varying between 75 kgf/mm2 and 85kgf/mm2. All other technical specifications of this product are on par with related international standards.

Non-sparking tools are safety products that should be selected with care. Prior to purchasing any of them, users should understand what are specified in their instruction manuals, including the range of product applications, performances, features, usages and precautions.

Visually check that the wrench handle and head are flat and straight. Check that the wrench exterior has uniform grinding pattern without any cracks. Allowable thickness tolerance for wrenches that are less than 32mm thick is 1mm, while for wrenches that are over 32mm thick, the allowable amount is 1.5mm.