185 Non Sparking Claw Hammer

The 185 non sparking claw hammer features a fiber-reinforced plastic handle that contains 70% fibers. It is a tool primarily used to drive nails into wood, pull nails out from wood, and strike objects. Commonly employed in the combustible or explosive atmosphere, the precision machined hammer is rather sturdy and durable. The product has many desirable characteristics, such as high tensile strength, long service life, and stable mechanical performance. It meets the requirements of QB/T 1290.8 standard.

Model H
185-1002 230 280 405
185-1004 450 300 652
185-1006 680 330 953
185-1008 910 390 1205

Related Names
Spark Resistant Nail Hammer Supplier | High Security Nail Extraction | Mining Safety Tool

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