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Non Sparking Tools /Spark Resistant Tools

Our complete catalogue lists hundreds of product designs, all of which are on par with the DIN and ISO standards. With proven drop forging techniques and operating skills, we have the ability to produce quality non-sparking tools that serve not only a utilitarian purpose as an ordinary steel hand tool would do, but also the aesthetic purpose of an artwork. The product is also designed with special attention to its spark resistant features.

To ensure high degree of safety performance delivered by our spark-proof tools, we specially build up a national-class explosion-proof test lab that is equipped with the spectrum analyzer and other indispensable test equipment including the torque tester, tension tester, impact tester, and the hardness tester.

Unlike other manufacturers involved in hand tool production, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to forge quality products. Given the fact that preferred copper alloy has far less tensile strength than steels usually used to make tools, we introduce the drop forging process to improve physical properties of copper alloy, including density, strength and service life.

Our rugged, durable hammer handle is made of materials that consist of 70% high-strength fibers. Such content forms a sharp contrast with 30% fibers that are contained in an ordinary hammer handle made by our competitors in the market. Additionally, we adopt the DIN and ISO standards that set out higher requirements for our quality management system than domestic standard could provide us with. In this way, high-precision, close-tolerance products can be obtained, which have already been well-reviewed by customers in China and worldwide.

The company has made its services and products cover the whole country as well as some oversea markets in America, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spanish, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Denmark, India, Iran, Australia, Saudi Arab, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Philippines, UAE, and Kuwait totaling 78 countries and regions.

The two major categories of non-sparking tool are aluminum bronze and beryllium copper, divided by the kind of raw material used to make the tool. The beryllium copper has a surface hardness of more than HRC25° with the tensile strength varying between 105kgf/mm2 and 120kgf/mm2. The hardness of aluminum bronze is over HRC25° and tensile strength between 75kgf/ mm2 and 85kgf/mm2. It is noteworthy that beryllium copper not only provides the explosion-proof feature, but it is also magnetic resistant. Therefore, beryllium copper tool is able to function normally in magnetic environment. Customers can purchase with confidence---the explosion proof performance of all our tools meets the related requirements of GB10686-89 standard.

Our spark-resistant tool is well suited for use in areas where flammable or explosive hazard might be experienced. It eliminates the potential for flames or explosions from intense friction between the tool and work-piece, thus protecting property and people from danger.

Typical uses of our tool kit are in the petroleum refining, petroleum chemistry, coal mining, oil field, natural gas chemical engineering, aerospace, power station, metallurgy, oil and gas storage and transportation, gunpowder, chemical fiber, paint, fertilizer, plastics, fiber, leather, firework, protechny, oil and gas pipes, and medical industries. The product is also commonly seen in the oil tanker, cars that operate via liquefied petroleum gas, planes, warehouses where potential flammable or explosive atmosphere might occur, electrolytic workshop, communication device assembly line, or areas that require rust-proof and magnetic resistant features.

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