192B German Type Non Sparking Sledge Hammer

The 192B German type non sparking sledge hammer is well suited for use in flammable or explosive atmosphere. It is most often employed to strike iron nails into wood, shape metal, pound workpiece, or help with machine installation as well as automobile and ship repair. In another case, it is utilized to strike the chisel to drill more deeply into the rock or break up gravels in road building or quarrying.

The hammer has a double-faced, eight-sided head with one flat striking surface and the other more cylindrical. This tool features a fiber-reinforced handle contains over 70% fibers. The durable, sturdy handle is mounted to the head in a way that excludes the occurrence of loose head. The head is put through the precision forging process in order to be mechanically strong and stable. It is able to withstand a long time of use.

1. Q/ZBF-192B
2. Novel mounting method improves operating comfort.

Model H
192B-1004 1000 370 1300
192B-1006 1500 370 1800
192B-1008 2000 370 2300
192B-1010 3000 900 3950
192B-1012 4000 900 4950
192B-1014 5000 900 5950

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