1. 245 Non Sparking Slip Joint PliersThis tool is most often used to grip large items as well as cut off metal wires, though sometimes it is utilized to replace the wrench for tightening or loosening bolts and nuts
    1. 246 Non Sparking Lineman's PliersThe 246 non sparking lineman’s pliers are used to grip or bend metal sheet as well as cut off leads and other metal wires. It is made of non sparking beryllium copper or aluminum bronze via drop forging process
    1. 248 Non Sparking Diagonal PliersThis tool comes with a flat head that consists of two halves of beveled cutting edges. It is able to fit in small, indented space. As a commonly used tool by electricians, the pliers help in the electrical device assembly and repair. Drop-forged, non-sparking construction makes it suitable for use in various hazardous areas that fire or explosion might be experienced
    1. 251 Non Sparking Groove Joint PliersThe upper jaw can be moved to slide through the groove that is set under the lower jaw. This design is very advantageous because the pliers can be used with different sizes of bolts, nuts, or other irregularly shaped objects, without increasing the distance in the handle
    1. 252A Non Sparking Water Pump PliersThis handy tool features a drop-forged construction that is adaptable to various explosive or combustible atmospheres, an advantage where the conventional pliers are limited. The product has jaws that are adjustable to allow for various-sized mouth openings. It is most often used to hold or twist flat or circular metal parts
    1. 253 Non Sparking Snipe Nose PliersPliers with sharp blades also can be employed to cut thin metal wires. Drop forged from beryllium copper or aluminum bronze, this tool is most often used in the assembly and repair of gauges, telecommunication equipment, and electrical devices
    1. 255A Non Sparking 45 Degree Bent Nose PliersThe 255A non sparking 45 degree bent nose pliers resemble the snipe-nose model in that it can be used in tight spaces or dented areas to grip parts. Its drop-forged construction makes it suitable for use in various flammable or explosive atmospheres
    1. 257A Non Sparking Bolt Clipper PliersOur bolt clipper pliers feature a bolt cutter that cuts chains, padlocks, bolts and wire meshes. Equipped with an extra long handle as well as the short blade, the pliers also utilizes compound hinges to provide increased leverage and amplification of cutting forces applied to the object being gripped

Non Sparking Pliers

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