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    1. 281 Non Sparking BucketThe 281 non sparking bucket is used to hold an assortment of liquids including various petroleum products. Cold rolled from different types of copper alloys or pure copper, the bucket is well suited for use in combustible or explosive atmosphere
    1. 282 Non Sparking DustpanDue to its non sparking feature, the tool can be employed to collect and transports granular combustible or explosive materials. With an attractive exterior, the dustpan is easy to clean and able to withstand long time of use
    1. 283A Non Sparking ScoopThe 283A non sparking scoop is used for short distance transport of industrial waste or collecting granular combustible or explosive materials. This tool requires limited cleaning or maintenance. It is able to withstand a long time of use while presenting an attractive appearance
    1. 285 Non Sparking Hand BrushThe 285 non sparking hand brush is a handy tool with unique functions to rid the surface from rust or grease as well as serve a cleaning purpose. It features a long handle that allows for ease of operation. The flexible copper alloy wires fitted on the brush are obtained via a process known as drawing
    1. 289 Non Sparking Wheel BrushThe 289 non sparking wheel brush is used to clean off rust or grease from the workpiece surface. It is typically seen in areas where sparking is a fire or explosive hazard. Its flexible yet abrasive brittles are made from copper alloy wires through drawing process
    1. 290 Non Sparking Cup BrushThe 290 non sparking cup brush is a tool designed for removing rust or grease from the recessed area. It has been put through the drawing process so as to obtain flexible but abrasive brittles that made from copper alloy wires

Non Sparking Brush and Container

There are a number of materials that can be used to build the non-sparking brush and container. Those include the beryllium copper, pure copper, and brass.

Golden in color, the non-sparking beryllium copper is also antimagnetic as well as strong and resilient. It functions normally even when strong magnetic fields are present.

Pure copper is able to conduct electricity and heat. It is anti-magnetic, malleable and corrosion resistant.

The brass features a bright yellow appearance. Malleable and wear-resistant, the material also resists acid and alkali damages. It is able to transfer heat quickly as well as stay un-magnetized when exposed to a strong magnetic field. Brass is well suited for use in combustible or explosive atmosphere, as it can prevent sparks from the metal-to-metal friction or impact that might lead to unwanted damage, thereby ensuring the safety of workers and property.

Various types of non-sparking brushes and containers are available at different prices. Users can select the right one according to their specific needs. Their explosion-proof performance meets the GB10686-89 standard. The products are widespread among petroleum, chemical, metal ore mining, coal mining, oil extraction, gas extraction, gas and oil transportation, electricity generation, metallurgical, aerospace, storage and transportation, pharmacy, plastics, fiber, leather, and firework industries.

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