1. 237 Non Sparking Triple Leg Gear PullerTriple leg design not only provides for structural stability and compactness, but it is also flexible, easy to carry, and unlimited by confined spaces. Drop-forged construction presents many advantages over traditional structures in tensile strength, service life and mechanical performance
    1. 273A Non Sparking Twin Leg Gear PullerWhat distinguishes the 273A puller from the three-jaw puller is that the former can be used to remove non-circular parts. Its compact two-jaw design is also lightweight as well as flexible and easy to carry. This puller can be used in tight spaces where movement is limited
    1. 274A Non Sparking G ClampAfter hardening treatment, the clamp is harder than needed and so brittle that it is easy to fracture. Following the hardening operation, the tool is usually put through tempering process to reduce its brittleness
    1. 293 Non Sparking Manual Oil PumpSafe and dependable, the pump works effectively with low energy consumption. It is easy to move, install and operate as well as able to withstand a long time of use. This device has been put through precision forging process to obtain high tensile strength, long service life and stable mechanical performance
    1. 305 Non Sparking Pipe CutterIts cutting blades can be replaced easily and with little effort. Non-sparking feature makes the cutter suited for use in hazardous areas where there are risks of fire or explosion. Precision forging process also imparts the structure many desirable features such as high tensile strength, stable mechanical performance and long use life
    1. 312 Non Sparking Drill BitIt is made from beryllium copper that has been first subjected to gear milling or rolling process, followed by quenching prior to the final tempering. This tool is used in a variety of applications where it is fitted into an ordinary drill, lathe, miller or electric hand drill. Its non-sparking nature makes the tool suited for use in combustible or explosive atmosphere
    1. 313B Non Sparking Static Discharge DeviceThis device can be conveniently installed at the entrance of static charge protection zone. Depending on the extent of protection, the discharger can be set at regular intervals of every 5 to 10 meters to ensure the static charge carried by human body is completely removed

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