1. 2201B Copper Sledge HammerIn order for the handle to be durable and long-lasting, we adopt imported premium hickory as its making material. The hammer head has been put through precision forging process to attain high strength, long service life and stable mechanical property
    1. 2203A Copper Drum HammerOur drum hammer is most commonly used to strike mold and workpiece, pound nails into the wood, or simply shape a piece of metal, without inflicting any damage or deformation upon their surface. Though this tool costs more than a brass hammer, customers from Europe, North America and South America still see it as a preferred option over the latter
    1. 2204A German Type Copper Sledge HammerOur sledge hammer comes with a fiber-reinforced plastic handle with a fiber content exceeding 70%, which accounts for its high ruggedness and durability. Also available with hammer is a precision-forged hammerhead that is long-lasting, mechanically strong and stable

Copper Hammer

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