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    1. 3301 Chrome Steel Open End Construction Wrench with PinOur 3301 chrome steel open end construction wrench is primarily used to turn bolts or nuts of a certain size. It also features a drift pin on its tail, which resembles a crowbar that can be employed to pry apart objects
    1. 3302 Chrome Steel Single Open End WrenchIn those applications, the wrench becomes an indispensable tool that assists in installation, inspection, and repair of the equipment. Drop forged from chrome steel, the product provides a combination of high density and stable mechanical properties
    1. 3304 Chrome Steel Open End Striking WrenchDrop-forged from special chrome steel, our 3304 open-end striking wrench shows high density, great toughness, and reduced brittleness which makes it uneasy to fracture
    1. 3306 Chrome Steel Combination WrenchBoth openings can be used with the same size of bolts or nuts with square or hex heads. The handle is displaced to an angle of 15 degree relative to the line of handle, in order to save gripping effort as well as makes the wrench more convenient to operate. Drop-forged from chrome steel, the product has high density and stable mechanical performance
    1. 3307 Chrome Steel Single Bent Box End WrenchIn such cases, a bent box end is just fit for the purpose by providing larger contact area between the enclosed opening and the face of fasteners to be gripped. Special chrome steel is selected to make this ring wrench for more stable performance and reduced brittleness than is possible with carbon steel
    1. 3310 Chrome Steel Box End Striking WrenchDrop forged from special chrome steel, our 3301 box end striking wrench is tough and uneasy to fracture. It is most often used to remove or tighten large sized bolts or nuts with a hexagonal head
    1. 3312 Chrome Steel Box Construction Wrench with PinChromium is added to the steel wrench to give extra toughness to the structure while reducing its brittleness. The combination of long handle design with high-strength box end makes the tool suitable for tough jobs
    1. 3316 Chrome Steel Ring Wrench for Extension BarExtended wrench gives extra leverage thereby saving user effort. Drop-forged from special chrome steel, this tool has obtained high tensile strength as well as stable mechanical properties
    1. 3318 American type Chrome Steel Box End Striking WrenchSpecial chrome steel is used to give the product higher strength, greater toughness and reduced brittleness than is possible with carbon steel. Usually used in combination with a sledge hammer, the wrench grips the hex face of bolts or nuts to turn for loosing or tightening motion
    1. 3321A Chrome Steel Adjustable Hook SpannerDrop forged from special chrome steel, this spanner shows higher toughness and reduced brittleness than one made of carbon steel. The tool is commonly used to tighten slotted round nuts into or remove them from machine tools, vehicles, and mechanical equipment. It has an adjustable head that fits around parts of varying sizes
    1. 3327 Chrome Steel Double C SpannerThe 3327 chrome steel double C spanner is a useful tool to assist in the opening or closing of the valve. Its two ends are different sized, which can fit a wide range of sizes of valves. This product is made of tougher materials than carbon steel

Chrome Steel Wrench

Each chrome steel wrench has been sent through a process known as drop forging. Compared with wrenches made of carbon steel, the chrome steel type shows higher strength, greater toughness and less brittleness.

Our chrome steel wrench catalogue offers a wide range of premium products that are suitable for in petroleum, ore mining, coal mining, chemical, gas and oil production, electricity generating, metallurgical, aerospace, storage and transportation, plastics, fibers, leather, and fireworks industries. In addition to the listing present in the catalogue, we also provide tailor-made products based on your specific requirements or technical drawings.

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