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Chrome Steel Tools

The chrome steel tool is mainly made of 40Cr. Selection of chrome steel instead of carbon steel to make the tool is decided from the consideration that the former displays higher strength, greater toughness and less brittleness.

Surface Treatment
Prior to any surface treatments, the tool wears the natural color of steel. Sandblasting process can be performed to impart a black surface to the tool. Or customers can choose the electroplating process. Out of consideration for environmental protection, we do not recommend customers to select the latter processing. This is also due to the fact that electroplating process generally costs 10% higher than sandblasting.

Our warehouse has enough stock of chrome steel blanks and semi-finished chrome steel tools which can be immediately turned into finished products after sending them through a quick succession of logo printing, heat treatment, and surface treatment. Therefore, a timely delivery of products with various specifications can be guaranteed. Short delivery cycle would win more time for large oil refinery and shipyard to perform emergency repair and prevent further economic loss.

Chrome steel tools are widespread among petroleum, chemical, metal ore mining, coal mining, oil extraction, gas extraction, gas and oil transportation, electricity generation, metallurgical, aerospace, storage and transportation, pharmacy, plastics, fiber, leather, and firework industries.

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