1. 5101 Non Magnetic Adjustable WrenchIt can fit a wide variety of sizes of nuts and bolts with hex or square heads. Lightweight and non-magnetic, this wrench is highly strong and durable. As an ideal choice for operators working aloft, the product is also well suited for use in aerospace, aviation, and medical industries
    1. 5103 Non Magnetic Combination WrenchIts gripping face is oriented at an angle of around 15 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the handle, which makes the wrench easier to operate. Light weight and non-magnetic, this wrench is highly strong and durable. The product is a useful tool in aerospace
    1. 5104 Non Magnetic Open End Construction Wrench with PinIts gripping face is oriented at a 15 degree angle relative to the line of handle. This orientation allows easier operation when removing or installing bolts and nuts with hex or square heads. This wrench serves multiple purposes in aerospace, aviation and medical industries
    1. 5108 Non Magnetic Double Box End Offset WrenchThis wrench is specially intended to operate in tight spaces or deep recesses that do not allow room for the wrench handle. During the tightening or removal of a bolt or nut, the high-necked wrench design allows the handle to clear the adjacent fasteners without interfering with them
    1. 5110 Non Magnetic Box Construction Wrench with PinIts box end is offset from the longitudinal axis of the handle. This offset or high-necked design allows the handle to clear the surrounding fasteners next to the one that is being gripped without interfering with them
    1. 5305 Non Magnetic Ratchet WrenchRepair men also consider it as a handy tool for working aloft. This wrench adopts the thin wall design that makes the tool easier to operate in tight spaces

Non Magnetic Wrench

Each non magnetic wrench is machined to high degree of standards. It has been sent through drop forging process to obtain high strength, long service life and stable mechanical performance. Made out of titanium alloy, the tool is well-suited for use in aerospace, aviation, and medical industries. It is also a handy tool for operators working aloft. Though its density is only as low as 4.5g/cm3, the wrench can have a high hardness reaching HRC33-43.

Lightweight, highly strong, non-magnetic, and durable

We have invested a considerable sum of money into creating a huge number of titanium alloy blanks and semi-finished titanium alloy wrenches. These blanks and semi-finished products can be quickly turned into finished ones after going through a series of processes including logo printing, heat treatment, and surface treatment. Therefore, we are able to provide various products with a complete range of specifications and deliver them in time. Short delivery cycle wins time for workers to perform installation and repair of medical equipment, thereby reducing machine downtime and economic losses.

In addition to the listings present in our product catalogue, we also provide tailor-made products based on your specific requirements or technical drawings.

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