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Non Magnetic Tools/ Titanium Tools

Made of titanium alloy, our non magnetic tools/ titanium tools are able to stay un-magnetized even when exposed to strong magnetic field. Neither does it deform at a high temperature of 600°C, nor lose large amount of toughness at a temperature as low as -250°C.

Titanium alloy has higher corrosion resistance than stainless steel. It is a top-rated but also the only eco-friendly material for making non magnetic tools/ titanium tools, as it produces no pollution or radiation. The titanium alloy tool is lightweight, highly strong, anti-rust, non-toxic, and impact resistant. Due to its remarkable features, the tool has become indispensable in aerospace, military and nautical industries. It is also an ideal tool used in the repair of machinery.

We would like to offer customers various titanium alloy tools with a complete range of specifications. Also available are custom-made products to meet customer specific needs.

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