1. 5204 Non Magnetic Snipe Nose PliersAs repair men consider it a handy tool for working aloft, our 5204 non magnetic snipe nose pliers are suitable for use in tight spaces to hold tiny machinery components or cut off metal wires
    1. 5205 Non Magnetic Groove Joint PliersOur 5205 non magnetic groove joint pliers are commonly used to hold, tighten or loosen flat or cylindrical metal parts. It features a groove construction through which its pivot joint can be moved to increase the size range of the jaw

Non Magnetic Pliers

Despite the light weight, our non magnetic pliers are highly strong and durable. Non-magnetic and easy to carry around, the tool provides for ease and quickness of machinery repair and inspection. Made out of titanium alloy, this product is well suited for use in aerospace, aviation, and medical industries. It is also an ideal tool to have for repair men working aloft.

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