308B Non Sparking Ratchet Lever Hoist

The 308B non sparking ratchet lever hoist works the same way as pull-type chain hoist in terms of saving effort. Both types rely on a differential pulley to amply force that will be applied to the objects. What distinguishes our ratchet lever hoist from the manual pull type is that the former enables the load to be lifted by cranking the handle, instead of pulling the chain, as with the latter. A ratchet type hoist is most often used to move heavy loads horizontally rather than in vertical directions.

Typical applications of this series of hoist are in the shipbuilding, electricity, transportation, construction, and mining industries, where the hoist is used to transfer objects or tow the workpiece forward as well as assist in machine installation and repair. Non-sparking feature of the product makes it suited to use in combustible or explosive atmosphere. Drop-forging process also gives the hoist high tensile strength, long service life and stable mechanical performance. This lifting equipment has been assembled, commissioned and tested strictly according to related State standards. Its explosion proof performance meets the GB/10686-89 standard.

1. Q/ZBF-308B Standard compliant
2. Our ratchet lever hoist is widespread among a variety of applications, both in industry and private sector. It is able to serve multiple purposes and used in tight spaces where movement is limited, with unique functions to move heavy loads in the horizontal plane and position them safely and efficiently.

Model Capacity
308B-1002 0.75 1.5 7.7
308B-1004 1.5 1.5 11.8
308B-1006 3 1.5 21

In addition to the above models, we also provide custom-made products designed on the basis of customers technical drawings or according to customer specific requirements.

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