1. 307B Non Sparking Trolley for Chain HoistThe trolley wheel comes with a unique tread design that enables a stable running, even on a slope with a ratio of equal to or less than 1:6. Equipped with flanges, the wheel also can ride on a slightly curved track. This non-sparking transportation tool is applicable for various lifting jobs where spark is a fire or explosion hazard
    1. 308 Non Sparking Manual Chain HoistOperators pull the chain on the side of chain hoist. This turns the small drive gear and makes it rotate. Subsequently, the large driven gear that meshes with the drive gear starts to turn. This gear mechanism enables an amplified torque output which creates the motion for lifting and lowering goods
    1. 308A Non Sparking Manual Chain HoistHowever, this upgraded tool adopts a special design that can better cope with heavyweight loads while saving more labor. Due to its non sparking feature, the hoist is commonly used in areas where combustible or explosive hazard might be experienced, with unique functions to lift or lower goods as well as assist in parts repair and installation
    1. 308B Non Sparking Ratchet Lever HoistBoth types rely on a differential pulley to amply force that will be applied to the objects. What distinguishes our ratchet lever hoist from the manual pull type is that the former enables the load to be lifted by cranking the handle, instead of pulling the chain, as with the latter. A ratchet type hoist is most often used to move heavy loads horizontally rather than in vertical directions

Non Sparking Chain Hoist

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