313B Non Sparking Static Discharge Device

The 313B non sparking static discharge device is favored by customers who want to remove the electric charge at rest on the surface of their body. Its non sparking feature makes the discharger well suited for use in areas where spark is a fire or explosion hazard. This tool has been put through drop-forging as well as cold rolling processes to obtain a high tensile strength, long service life and stable mechanical performance.

Work Principle
Our static discharge device is developed on the basis of static charge eliminator. It is a state of the art device used to rid human body of any surplus of static charge.

This device can be conveniently installed at the entrance of static charge protection zone. Depending on the extent of protection, the discharger can be set at regular intervals of every 5 to 10 meters to ensure the static charge carried by human body is completely removed.

Upon operators or inspectors entering the protection zone, an alarm should be switched to the ON status. Then their hands need to touch the ball sensor when the red light is turned on and the buzzer alarm rings to remind operators or inspectors of their static charge amount exceeding the safety limits. Keep the hand in continuous physical contact with the ball sensor for 10 to 15 seconds until the red light is turned off and the buzzer alarm does not ring. At this point, static electricity on their body is completely removed. After that, workers are allowed to enter the protection zone.

1. Our static discharge device is able to operate without plugging into any power supply source. Do not forget to bury part of the metal tube into the ground. Choice of burial depth is determined from the consideration of surrounding working conditions. Do make sure the tube is fixed tightly into the ground.
2. Do not connect the discharger to ground so as to ensure the static charge can be completely removed.

1. The static discharge device is Q/ZBF-313B Standard compliant.
2. Used primarily for eliminating static charge resting on the surface of human body.

Model L
313B-1002 1100 80 3600

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