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2101B Brass Sledge Hammer with Wooden Handle

Our 2101B brass sledge hammer comes with a wooden handle that is made of premium, carefully-selected imported hickory. Such a handle is quite sturdy as well as durable. This series of hammer is most commonly used to strike mold and workpiece to keep them stay in shape. In another case, the tool can be employed to pound nails into the wood or flatten the metal surface without causing it to be damaged.

Brass sledge hammer is cheaper than pure copper version. It is favored by a majority of customers from Middle Eastern countries, partially due to that economical reason. Its hammer head is precision forged so as to attain high strength, long service life and stable mechanical performance.

Model Size
2101B-1002 1 350 450
2101B-1004 2 400 910
2101B-1006 3 400 1400
2101B-1008 4 450 1800
2101B-1010 5 450 2250
2101B-1012 6 800 2700
2101B-1014 8 900 3600
2101B-1016 10 900 4500
2101B-1018 12 900 5400
2101B-1020 14 900 6400
2101B-1022 16 900 7200
2101B-1024 20 900 9000

Different models offer choices of shapes and specifications to fit various project needs. Additionally, we can provide tailor-made sledge hammer according to customer specific requirements or based on the technical drawings attached to customer order.

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