1. 2101A Brass Sledge Hammer with Plastic HandleAvailable with the hammer is a durable, sturdy fiber-reinforced plastic handle that contains over 70% high-strength fibers. Relative to pure copper hammer, brass hammer is more economical thus becoming a preferred choice for Middle Eastern customers
    1. 2101B Brass Sledge Hammer with Wooden HandleBrass sledge hammer is cheaper than pure copper version. It is favored by a majority of customers from Middle Eastern countries, partially due to that economical reason. Its hammer head is precision forged so as to attain high strength, long service life and stable mechanical performance
    1. 2103A Brass Drum HammerIn petroleum, chemistry, military, electronics, gas production, and railway industries, our hammer is usually utilized to strike or pound machine parts without inflicting sparks that might lead to fire or explosion hazard. Compared to pure copper hammer

Brass Hammer

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