2203A Copper Drum Hammer

The 2203A copper drum hammer features a plastic handle with a fiber content over 70%. Such a fiber-reinforced handle is rather sturdy as well as durable. Also available with the hammer is a precision-forged hammerhead, which has high strength, long service life and stable mechanical property.

Our drum hammer is most commonly used to strike mold and workpiece, pound nails into the wood, or simply shape a piece of metal, without inflicting any damage or deformation upon their surface. Though this tool costs more than a brass hammer, customers from Europe, North America and South America still see it as a preferred option over the latter.

Model Size
2203A -1002 1/2 280 230
2203A -1004 1 310 450
2203A -1006 1-1/2 340 680
2203A -1008 2 350 910
2203A -1010 3 400 1400
2203A -1012 4 400 1800
2203A -1014 5 400 2250
2203A -1016 6 900 2700
2203A -1018 8 900 3600
2203A -1020 10 900 4500

Different models offer choices of shapes and specifications to fit various project needs. We also can tailor-make the product according to customer specific requirements or based on the technical drawings provided by customers.

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