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3321A Chrome Steel Adjustable Hook Spanner

The 3321A chrome steel adjustable hook spanner is designed in strict accordance with German DIN1810 standard. Drop forged from special chrome steel, this spanner shows higher toughness and reduced brittleness than one made of carbon steel. The tool is commonly used to tighten slotted round nuts into or remove them from machine tools, vehicles, and mechanical equipment. It has an adjustable head that fits around parts of varying sizes.

Material: 40Cr

Model Size
3321 A-1002 19-50 162 110
3321A-1004 32-75 205 225
3321A-1006 50-120 288 450
3321A-1008 115-170 310 580

Related Names
Non-sparking Spanner Wrench Manufacturer | Spanner Head Screw Driving Solution | Flexible Tool

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