5305 Non Magnetic Ratchet Wrench

The 5305 non magnetic ratchet wrench is a useful tool commonly seen in aerospace, aviation, and medical industries. Repair men also consider it as a handy tool for working aloft. This wrench adopts the thin wall design that makes the tool easier to operate in tight spaces.

1. Lightweight, non-magnetic, strong and durable
2. Used in aerospace, aviation, military, and medical industries
3. The wrench features a built-in ratcheting mechanism that allows reversing operation of the handle without removing the socket from the bolts to be gripped.

Model C
5305-1002 3/8 200 140
5305-1004 1/2 245 415
5305-1006 3/4 320 945

Related Names
Titanium Ratchet Handle Saler | Fastener Operation Tool | Industrial Hand Tool

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