173B Non Sparking Adjustable Hook Spanner

The 173B non sparking hook spanner has an adjustable head that fits around parts of varying sizes. It is most often used to fasten or loosen round, notched nuts on the machine tool, vehicle, or machinery. Drop-forged copper alloy not only lends strength to the structure but also makes the wrench suitable for use in hazardous areas that might incur fire or explosion. Durable and long-lasting, the wrench shows highly stable mechanical performance. It has passed the Q/ZBF-173B certification.

Model D
173B-1002 19-50 162 120 110
173B-1004 32-75 205 260 235
173B-1006 50-120 288 515 460
173B-1008 115-170 310 670 600

As well as providing all the specifications listed in the table, we are also able to tailor make the wrench to meet requirements of customers or according to the technical drawings they provide.

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