129 Non Sparking Chain Pipe Wrench

The 129 non sparking chain pipe wrench is a useful tool to grip or disassemble large metallic piping, pipe fittings, or other cylindrical parts. Its chain has two ends, one of which is already attached to wrench handle and the other, whip end. The whip end can be freely wrapped around any-shaped object before it is affixed to the wrench's main handle.

A chain pipe wrench can rotate in both forward and reverse directions so as to tighten or loosen the connection, as with a ratchet wrench. High friction between the chain and pipe keeps the pipe from slipping. In another case, it enables the threaded pipe to rotate for tightening or loosening movement. The sprocket on the front of the handle engages the chain to transmit torque to the pipe for rotation. The handle does not contact with the pipe, thus causing no deformation to it. This handy tool is made of forged steel and conforms to the DIN17200 standard.

Model L
D max
129-1002 600 100 3955 3605
129-1004 600 150 4650 4200
129-1006 900 200 8600 7800
129-100 900 300 9810 9000

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