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    1. 101I 1/2” dr Non Sparking Socket Set-28pcsThe socket is usually attached to the ratchet via a square fitting that contains ball detent. The ratchet assembly then is connected to the metal handle to form a complete socket wrench. The socket is commonly sold in one of the two types: either six-point or four-point socket that fits on the hexagonal or square head of a bolt or nut to tighten or loosen it.
    1. 104 Non Sparking SocketThe 104 non sparking socket is machined to its precise specifications via a process known as drop forming. The socket is well suited for use in areas where the space is limited or the socket needs to reach into the deep concave to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts
    1. 107 3/4” dr Non Sparking Impact SocketThe 3/4” spark-proof socket is most often used in the environment where potential flammable or explosive hazard might be experienced. Typical use of the product is in the limited space where the socket has to reach deep inside the concave to handle the fasteners
    1. 120 Non Sparking Ratchet WrenchThe purpose of this wrench is to resist the spark produced from the intense friction between the tool and workpiece that might lead to explosion hazard. To achieve this purpose, the wrench is subjected to drop forming process. Its uniquely designed ratchet head allows rotation to be performed in either forward or reverse direction

Non Sparking Socket and Accessory

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