191C German Type Non Sparking Sledge Hammer

The 191C German type non sparking sledge hammer features a sturdy, long-lasting hammerhead which has been subjected to precision forging process in order to achieve stable mechanical property.

This tool helps in many ways. It is commonly employed to pound iron nails into the wood, strike workpiece, or chip metalwork. Other uses are in the machine assembly, quarrying and road building where large amount of force is needed to drill rocks or break up stones. When used with the striking wrench, the hammer can provide sufficient torque needed to loosen rusted nuts or large-sized bolts.

The handle of the sledge hammer is made of fiber-reinforced plastic. It consists of 70% high-strength fibers, which make the handle durable and robust.

1. Q/ZBF-191C compliant
2. German-style
3. Large-sized hammerhead ensures large hammering force.

Model H
191C-1002 500 350 650
191C-1004 1000 400 1300
191C-1006 1500 400 1800
191C-1008 2000 400 2300
191C-1010 3000 700 3700
191C-1012 4000 900 4900
191C-1014 5000 900 5900

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