191D Non Sparking Club Hammer

The 191D non sparking club hammer has a hammerhead that is precision machined from bronze and copper alloy via a process known as precision forging. It is typically used where sparks from metal-to-metal contact might cause potential fire or explosion hazards.

A wide variety of uses exist for the hammer, such as to strike iron nails, bend metalwork, or assist in quarrying and breaking up gravels in masonry industry.

The hammer also includes a durable, robust handle that contains 70% high-strength fibers. Its hammerhead is supplied with many desirable features including high tensile strength, long service life, and stable mechanical performance.

1. Q/ZBF-191D compliant
2. The hammer is a heavy hand tool that can be easily operated by one hand. It features a double-faced head and is suited for applications in light demolition work.

Model Size
191D-1002 2 910
191D-1004 4 1800

Related Names
Sparkproof Lump Hammer Manufacturer | Safe Device in Building Construction | Tool in Corrosion Environment

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