307B Non Sparking Trolley for Chain Hoist

The 307B non sparking trolley is a wheeled carriage that runs on an overhead rail. Beneath the trolley usually hangs a chain block to form a complete chain hoist.

Our non sparking trolley is designed for safe operation and easy maintenance. The flange-to-flange width of its rim or wheel is adjustable to the flange width of the I-beam track. On the wheel shaft is installed a rolling bearing to improve its wheel efficiency and saving labor. The trolley wheel comes with a unique tread design that enables a stable running, even on a slope with a ratio of equal to or less than 1:6. Equipped with flanges, the wheel also can ride on a slightly curved track. This non-sparking transportation tool is applicable for various lifting jobs where spark is a fire or explosion hazard.

To select the right non-sparking trolley for chain hoist, one should focus on its explosion-proof performance as well as mechanical property. Both of the two factors should meet the related standards. An ideal hoisting trolley might be at least put through one of several treating processes like drop-forging to obtain higher tensile strength, longer service life, and more stable mechanical performance.

1. JB/T 7332 standard compliant
2. The trolley is designed for use in combination with chain block to form a lifting machine.
3. Our hoisting trolley usually sits on and travels along the flanges of I-beam track. It is easily pulled by hand.
4. National Patent: ZL201120572398.8
5. Size: FBGCL

Model Capacity
I-Beam Width
307B-1002 0.5 2.5 68-94 12.5
307B-1004 1 2.5 68-100 14.5
307B-1006 2 2.5 94-124 22.3
307B-1008 3 3 116-140 24
307B-1010 5 3 142-180 34
307B-1012 10 3 142-180 68
307B-1014 16 3 142-180 170
307B-1016 20 3 142-180 170

As well as providing the above models, we also can custom-make the product according to customer-specific requirements or based on the technical drawings customers provide us with.

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