176A Non Sparking Valve Spanner

Our 176A non sparking valve spanner features a drop-forged structure which gives extra tensile strength to the wrench. This tool produces little spark from intense friction between the gripping face and the head of nuts or bolts. Therefore, it can be used in various explosive or flammable atmospheres.

This series of spanner consists of an upper hook and lower jaw connected to a metal handle. The hook catches on the valve while the lower jaw closes up against the outer circle of the valve. This gripping manner makes the wrench to turn the valve easily. The product is Q/ZBF-176A standard compliant. It has many desirable features such as high tensile strength, long service life, and stable mechanical property.

Model K
176A-1002 40 355 915 825

As well as providing the specification listed above, we can also tailor-make the spanner to customer specific requirements or strictly according to the technical drawing.

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